Author’s Bio

Author Charles ellenbrook Edward Chalres Ellenbrook was born in Lawton, Oklahoma on the threshold where the easternmost edge of the Wichita range has its beginnings. As his grandfather before him, he has grown up with a deep, abiding love for these ancient ol’ mountains and the stories they tell. He has a penchant for adventure, hiking, love of nature, and writing about historical as well as nature-oriented themes. He shares many of these interests with his wife, Carolyn.
He has spent a measurable portion of his life working with young people and served as director of juvenile court services in Comanche County, before recently retiring. And, for over 20 years has enjoyed writing a monthly column entitled, “Wichita Mountain Field Notes” for the Lawton Constitution.
On the trail with the author, he reaches out to touch a lifestring of the natureseeker-hiker to impart some special meaning of the place or trail that is your destination.
In the pages of this book, you will discover some of the wonderments of the Wichitas, some of the special places and parts of these mountains of which you were never aware, and an account of sensory perceptions where each hike or trip has a special meaning, offers new adventure, and a prescription for greater enjoyment as lived and experienced on the trail with the author.