Outdoor trail guide to the wichita mountains OUTDOOR & TRAIL GUIDE TO THE WICHITA MOUNTAINS $15.95 each

by Edward Charles Ellenbrook

NEW 8th Edition ~ a revised, updated, and expanded edition. It is the only complete, up-to-date, where-to-go, what-to-do guide covering the entire 1500 sq. mile range of the Wichita Mountains.

Historic background is set for each exciting trip and hiking or backpacking venture. This book is written by a native of the area wo has hiked the trails and visited the places described and talked about in this unique, one-of-a-kind book.

Illustrated with photos (historic photos included), maps (Full page fold-out map of refuge with trail heads) and includes an Appendices of the fauna of the Wichita Mountains in the back of the book.

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by Charles Ellenbrook

NEW 3nd Edition Four-Color Publication

Description: A Companion Map Recreational Guide to be used Interchangably with the Author’s Book [Outdoor & Trail Guide to the Wichita M ts.] Endless Encouters is printed on quality enamal paper presented in a map format folded to a 6X 9 size, then unfolding to a large 24” X 36 1/2” size. More than 20 maps of hiking trails, self-guiding auto tours, caves of SW OK, bicycling trip thru the Wichitas, equestrian trail and more.

A Companion Map to be used interchangably with the authors book, Outdoor and Trail Guide to the Wichita Moutain.

Endless encounters maps of the wichita mountains
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Abstract Society is a 64 page book of cartoons.

by Charles Ellenbrook

1st edition illustrated $4.95 each

Abstract Society is a 64 page book of cartoons. Humorous, sometimes satirical, at times meta- physical cartoon commentaries which probe into the ideologies and dilemmas of man within a box-like abstract society.

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GRASS MONEY True-to-History Tale of the Early Days of Lawton GRASS MONEY

by Robert S. Sprague $24.95 each

Oklahoma’s Famous Historical Novel

2nd Printing Revised * Hardback

Historic Photographs with Ft. Sill Supplement

An Exciting True-to-History Tale of the Early Days of Lawton and The Opening of the Kiowa- Apache-Comanche Territory. The author, Robert S. Sprague, was born 2 miles west of the Star House, Quanah Parker’s 10 room mansion on West Cache Creek. Limited Stock




PURCY ----------- The Persistent Persimmon
Written & Illustrated by Hazel Watkins Laird
A folksy booklet (16 pages) first published in
1975 devoted to persimmons cookery, lore,
and recipes.
Comments by Reviewers
'The Lawton author has concocted this 16
page mini book devoted to recipes for
persimmon dishes. The market may be
limited, but recipe book collectors will want
this one because I'll wager there's not
another one like it." ... The Lawton
Constitution December 19, 1975 (Bill
Crawford's Column)
"Hazel Watkins Laird, Lawton, former Chief
Correspondent, did a lot of research on
persimmmons, both native and tame, and
published a small book which she calls "Purcy
The Persistant Persimmon" and it is full of
folklore and facts." The Pawnee (OK) Chief
(December 2, 1982) $4.95 each

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Wichita earthpapers Custom Designed Cards

a unique, one-of-a-kind visual expression in translating and interpreting the Wichita Mountains into note papers and greeting cards. All block-print cards and note papers are printed on quality papers and are the original creations of the author ~ Charles Ellenbrook. (Envelopes included with all cards)

SYMPATHY CARDS with 23rd Psalm
SYMPATHY CARDS with 23rd Psalm [7 cards with envelopes] designed by Ellenbrook ............ @ $5.95 per Packet

Beautiful QuartzMountains scene printed in several colors on vicksburg natural paper. Each card accompanied with a square-cut, deckled-edged envelope. A message of sympathy using the 23rd Psalm.

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Reflecting the exquisite beauty of the natural world of the Wichita Mountains. A mixture of cards which includes overlays, foldouts, etc. Original Creations and Designs by Edward Charles Ellenbrook.

[7 cards with envelopes] ----- @ $5.95 per packet

Reflecting the exquisite beauty of the natural world of the Wichita Mountains.
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Reflecting the exquisite beauty of the natural world of the Wichita Mountains.

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Birds of Southwestern Oklahoma and North Central Texas

By Jack Tyler



NEW Expanded and Revised Editon.  The author has compiled a  comprshensive ornithological history for this part of the Southern  Great Plains.  This is the authoritative work for the region.  A  total of 342 documented species are considered, plus 61  hypotheticals.  Detailed information about seasonal and numerical  status, unusual and exceptional records, breeding information, and  historical and ecological notes is given.  All records are  referenced.  Two maps, habitat descriptions, and comprehensive  history of local ornithology are included, together with an extensive  literature cited section.  First published in 1979.