a special bird

Photo Courtesy of Kurt Meisenzahl
The Pyrrhuloxia is sometimes referred to as the "gray cardinal" because of its mostly gray coloring and cardinal-like appearance.

A vagrant female Pyrrhuloxia, usually found in west and deep south Texas and Mexico, was discovered in dense brush on a hillside just east of Rush Lake in the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge.

Discovery: Kurt and Sharon Meisenzahl of Lawton.

Date of Discovery: December 12, 2001 First Southwest Oklahoma Record. First state record: Dec. 28 1975 at Black Mesa [4 miles south of Kenton, Cimarron County].

Location: Take the road to Rush Lake passing the Holy City of the Wichitas following the road west. Just before reaching the Rush Lake turnoff there is a road sign and a place where you can pull off and park. The Pyrrhuloxia was spotted in brush on the hillside. There was a male cardinal in the vicinity. The female is mostly gray with slightly red tinges on crest, wings, and tail.

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