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Book Reviews and Comments

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"SOONER'S GUIDE TO WICHITA MOUNTAIN REGION WELL DONE ...He says he has written his volume for those who seek the out-of-doors experience...the enjoyment of nature's bounty...and can't afford the luxury of hiring a guide. But that's what they get here - a personal guide." ~ Kent Ruth, eminent historian, author, and travel writer for the Oklahoma City Times

"GUIDEBOOK TO WICHITAS OFFERS OUTDOOR ADVENTURE ... Ellenbrook"s guidebook offers some kind of outdoor adventure for everyone--automobile treks, short walks for children and the elderly, wilderness camping trips for the seasoned backpacker, good hunting spots and fishing holes. His guide provides an ideal introduction for youngsters and for adult newcomers to the natural wonders of the Wichitas." ..... The Lawton Constitution

"An easy-to-read guide to the Wichita Mountains...Maps and pictures are excellent and reflect the author's love and his appreciation of his heritage." ......The Wichita Falls Times

Oklahoma Today comments: "Any trip to the Wichita Mountains could be improved by reading beforehand the revised edition of Edward Charles Ellenbrook's "Outdoor & Trail Guide to the Wichita Mountains". The guide provides a plethora of hand-drawn maps, as well as information on local landmarks, trails, legends, and local history." ......Oklahoma Today Magazine

" an excellent guidebook for anyone visiting this unique area of our state and wanting to see and learn more about its geological and cultural history ... this guide offers something for everyone, from serious backpacker to casual auto sightseer." .....Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine

"Outdoor & Trail Guide to the Wichita Mountains ... a thorough guide." ....Backpacker Magazine

"...I only wish I had had it 20 years ago. It is a lovely book and so carefully detailed but still preserving the beauty to be found in this area. I am sure it will be treasured by many who love these mountains. Congratulations on a fine piece of work so beautifully presented." ...Mrs D. W., Lawton, Oklahoma

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